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Our Services:
you arrive, we will provide you with Travel Tips and answer questions about hotels, transportation, itinerary suggestions, wardrobe, or whatever might come up. We will arrange transportation and assist with hotel reservations—often at discounted rates—to suit your budget and desires.
We can provide guidance on the cultural differences that seem overwhelming and provide a safety net as you get acclimated to Egypt.

If you have been here before and want to see something more of the Real Egypt than your tour covered we can accompany you to the lesser-known sites.
If you are foreigner living in Egypt who has covered the well known sites, we can take you beyond the tourist destinations, to locations rarely suggested by other travel firms.
We offer lectures to magnify your understanding of the sites you are going to visit


  • It's difficult to say whether Samir or Egypt was the more magical. Drew Alexander, Director of the Anglo-American school of Moscow.
  • I think we all benefited enormously from your vast knowledge of your country and its history, and I only wish I knew as much about Greece as you do about Egypt, Jill Marrington, Greek Historian.
  • you and learning about your culture was certainly the highlight of
    our trip.
  • Your personal and caring approach to our tour was greatly appreciated. Robert More
Samir Abbass, Owner & operator
Egyptologist and Licensed Tourist Guide from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Member of WFTGA "World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations"
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New Tours
 Cairo driving tour:
Cairo streets are like an open history book-- no other city in the world has as much history as Cairo. Wherever you go there is something to see and a story to tell. This is a Half day tour.

 Walking tour in Medieval Cairo “ Islamic Cairo”
The hilltop Citadel is a spectacular medieval fortress. The citadel is the fortress that Salah el Din built to fight off the Crusaders in the 12th Century. Inside the Citadel we'll visit a mosque and several museums of your choice.

Hot Air Balloon Ride:
 Unrivaled views of Luxor and its historic temples will take your breath away during this memorable experience of soaring as the sun rises. It starts early to best view the sunrise and goes high. 3 hours tour

The Solar Boat ' The sun boat museum'
The Solar Boat is exceptionally beautiful. Stretching almost 150 feet in length. It considers the most important archaeological find in Egypt since the Tomb of Tutankhamun. It is the actual boat used in the funerary ceremonies of the Pharaoh Cheops, the Great Pyramid builder over 4500 year ago.

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