Samir Abbass,
Egyptologist and Licensed Tourist Guide from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Member of WFTGA "World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations"

Tourist guide is not my first career. I graduated from Agriculture college and was a successful Horticulturist before realizing how much I'm interested in meeting and talking with people from different cultures.
I took evening classes and went for hundreds of hours of studying tours to get myself ready for my new career. I had never been the first or even second of my class during my studies before, but when I started to do what I love, I became second in my class for the duration of my courses. After four years preparation I obtained two degrees, as a tourist guide and Egyptologist, in spite of working and caring for my young family throughout my schooling. That shows you how much I'm interested in this career.

I take groups of tourist all over Egypt, especially these places enabling me to introduce the ancient and contemporary history and culture of Egypt. Learning about the history and different cultures and customs will lead to a better understanding of the international conflicts. For the same reason I joined two training programs offered by Bridges Foundation--aiming to bridge people from different cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds and opening communication channels to narrow the gap of understanding between them.

In my tour I encourage my guests to ask many questions, that's how I will have my materials tailored for them.

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       Samir Abbass,