Before you arrive, we will provide you with Travel Tips and answer questions about hotels, transportation, itinerary suggestions, wardrobe, or whatever might come up. We will arrange transportation and assist with hotel reservations—often at discounted rates—to suit your budget and desires.
We can provide guidance on the cultural differences that seem overwhelming and provide a safety net as you get acclimated to Egypt.

If you have been here before and want to see something more of the Real Egypt than your tour covered we can accompany you to the lesser-known sites.
If you are foreigner living in Egypt who has covered the well known sites, we can take you beyond the tourist destinations, to locations rarely suggested by other travel firms.
We offer lectures to magnify your understanding of the sites you are going to visit.

Are you coming on a package tour? Although your schedule will be packed with activities, you may have a free day at the start or end of your tour-or you may choose to skip part of the package. We can show you areas the tour buses won't venture into.