I would prefer first to attach lines from guest letters, whom I had the
pleasure of guiding around Cairo and different destinations within Egypt.

I think we all benefited enormously from your vast knowledge of your country and its history, and I only wish I knew as much about Greece as you do about Egypt
Jill Marrington, Greek Historian

It's difficult to say whether Samir or Egypt was the more magical. Drew Alexander,
Director of the Anglo-American school of Moscow.

I liked your friendly spirit, you've made the long trip really a

We have learned much of your deep love for Egypt and
its history.

Meeting you and learning about your culture was certainly the highlight of
our trip.

We loved your enthusiastically way of sharing your knowledge about Egypt.

Samir is exactly what Egypt need for the foreign Tour industry.

Your personal and caring approach to our tour was greatly appreciated.

A special word of praise for the Tour Guide – Mr, Samir Abbass. The group is extremely
happy with his services. Please arrange to use him only as our groups Tour Guide for
all future tours.
Oversees travel company

He was extremely knowledgeable about both ancient and modern Egyptian history… He answered all my questions thoroughly and completely. His description of the sites and accounts of highlights of Egyptian history were extremely interesting as well as

We feel that Samir Abbass is exactly who you are looking for, because of his desire to learn more and his enthusiastically way of sharing it with all those that are lucky enough to go on tour with him. We really feel that this young man is exactly who you are looking for.

Satisfied Travel Agency

Thank you for introducing Egypt, both ancient and modern to
us in such fantastic way.
Ellie & Stephen

Thank you, Samir for sharing with us all the wealth of your
knowledge of ancient Egypt. I have learned a huge amount
and had a Really Great Time. All the best.









Samir Abbass,
Egyptologist and Licensed Tourist Guide from the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, Member of WFTGA "World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations"

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