More Tours in and around Cairo
Additional Tours in and around Cairo: The range of additional tours in Cairo is unlimited. If you have additional time to fill, here are some suggestions:

 Felucca boat ride:
A Felucca is the famous Egyptian sail boat seen all along the Nile--perfect for a sunset cruise.

2-3 hours tour

 Fagnoon centre Fun and Learning for Kids: One of the rare places in Cairo where both parents and children can take a break and spend a few unforgettable hours. The word “Fagnoon” itself is a combination of two interesting Arabic words Fanoon (art) and Gonoon (wild). It is a place for families to play, run, dance, paint, draw, as well as try out a myriad of crafts including pottery, carpentry, agriculture, baking, jewelry-making, iron-smiting, and much more. 2-3 hours tour

 Cairo's Camel market:
Buy camels that have been driven across the shifting sands from Libya, Sudan, and Somalia. Hundreds of Camels are sold here. This is definitely not a market for the animal lover.
Half day tour, starts early in the morning.

 Alazhar Park: This green, hilly site has a wonderful view of the most significant historical districts of Cairo. The park is home to the recently discovered Ayyubid wall, constructed by Salah El Din more than 800 years ago.
A variety of unique cafes and restaurants are available offering 5 star services.
2-3 hours tour

 Cairo driving tour:
Cairo streets are
like an open history book-- no other city in the world has as much history as Cairo. Wherever you go there is something to see and a story to tell. This is a Half day tour.


 Giza Sound-and-Light show:
When night falls, the Pyramids and Sphinx are floodlit and the distant past unfolds before you as the Sphinx tells their stories.
The show lasts 1 hour.


 Folk shows,
such as Sufi dancing: More commonly known in the west as the whirling dervishes, these amazing performers can be seen at the Ghouri Caravansary.Evening 2-3 hours tour

 The Pharonic Village: Where you can take a step back in time. Just a few miles from the center of Cairo a time machine is waiting to take you on a journey to the days of the Pharaohs; a time brought to life by an incredible group of actors and actresses staging reproductions showcasing ancient buildings and historical clothing.
Half day tour